Fountain of Youth: Chapter 3

Activating The Fountain of Youth.

The Fountain of Youth, has captivated the human imagination for centuries. Its allure has been so compelling that countless leaders and rulers across the globe have squandered vast resources in a relentless quest to find it. The legendary general, Alexander the Great, was even consumed by a desire to uncover this fabled wellspring of rejuvenation. In Japan, whispers of hot springs with the capacity to restore one’s youth fueled countless myths and legends. Yet, despite  these claims, there remains a glaring absence of documented evidence to confirm the existence of such a fountain. But, I know a secret unknown to others: the Fountain of Youth does indeed exist, concealed in the most unexpected of places. The key to unlocking its power lies within our very essence. Embrace these sacred tenets, and you shall uncover the true nature of the Fountain of Youth, unleashing the potential for eternal vitality that resides within each and every one of us.

Tenant Eleven: Get All the Sun You Can Get.

Another, somewhat known, secret is ensuring ample sun exposure. This study  reveals that sunlight provides vitamin D, boosts serotonin levels, and helps maintain melatonin for better sleep. People often fear skin cancer from sun exposure, but only high amounts of ultraviolet radiation cause it. In fact, UVB phototherapy, which uses ultraviolet light like the sun, is a skin cancer treatment. According to a study called “UVB Phototherapy and Skin Cancer Risk: A Review of the Literature,” UVB radiation is a safe way to treat skin cancer. The misconception that the sun is harmful needs to end. Gradually increasing sun exposure can prevent skin cancer.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, a leading doctor advocating for more sun exposure, believes skin cancer is a non-issue, stating it can be cured with hemp oil. This study supports this view. He emphasizes the importance of sun exposure for optimal vitamin D absorption, critical for bone growth and immune system improvement.

Tenant Twelve: Every Once in a While Trip Out on Psychedelics

I spoke a little earlier about psychedelics. We will specifically be referring to psilocybin. Psilocybin has tremendous health benefits and is starting to become recreationalized now. Not only is psilocybin not very addictive they can help anxiety, depression, and addiction, found in a study called Psychedelic medicine. That’s not all, psychedelics literally make you intelligent. In a study called Psychedelics promote structural and functional neural plasticity it was found that psychedelics allow for neurogenesis to occur. What is neurogenesis? It’s the creation of new neurons and pathways in the brain. This is incredible, neurons slowly deteriorate with age so anything that can cause the opposite is greatly beneficial. In a study called psychedelics as Novel Therapeutics in Alzheimers Disease, psychedelics was shown to help with Alzheimers. Worried about breaking the law? Try out, blue lotus, a psychedelic that is fully legal. Earlier I stated psychedelics as a great alternative to alcohol, but I bet you didn’t think that it can help you live a longer life. 


Tenant Thirteen: Meditation is the Fountain of Youth

The most significant life hack is meditation, the true fountain of youth. All other methods pale compared to the mind’s potential in a relaxed state. A study, shows that the Relaxin-3 receptor, activated when relaxed, is involved in the aging process. Meditation is an excellent way to relax and offers numerous benefits.

Cells, including skin, bone, and brain cells, have a nucleus with DNA that replicates often. DNA has telomeres, non-essential genetic information, to prevent the lagging strand from shortening. An enzyme, telomerase, repairs telomeres but decreases with age. Meditation can increase telomerase activity, theoretically extending life at the cellular level. Combined with research, meditation could be the key to longevity.

First, let’s discuss new findings on the heart-brain relationship. Dr. Gregg Brandon, a prominent public figure, has been sharing the Institute of HeartMath’s discoveries that the brain takes orders from the heart. Emotions like gratitude and appreciation send signals to the brain, inducing a relaxed state that produces anti-aging hormones and a 1.0Hz signal frequency. This heart-brain coherence improves vascular pressure and may prevent stroke. Dr. Brandon suggests heart meditation with positive emotions and binaural beats, which a study found can enhance meditative states.

Additionally, take astragalus before meditating. A study, revealed it increases telomerase activity. If you struggle to relax while meditating, focus on the telomerase creation process.

Tenant Fourteen: Focus on Your Spiritual Health

During meditation, it may be challenging to genuinely feel gratitude and appreciation due to suboptimal spiritual health. One way to improve it is through Reiki, an energy healing technique promoting relaxation and reducing stress via gentle touch. Scientific evidence supports Reiki’s benefits. A study, found that energy healing, like Reiki, provided significant improvements to carpal tunnel. Another study,  further validates that reiki is better than placebo.   Reiki can lower pain and help people relax, enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

Tenant Fifteen: See Medical Intuitives

I also recommend visiting a medical intuitive, although some might be skeptical. These individuals claim to perceive and understand your health issues. I personally experienced this, and they accurately identified my pelvic floor issues without prior knowledge. Skeptical? A study, found that certain medical intuitives were 94% accurate in diagnosing health issues. To avoid scams, many intuitives don’t charge if they’re wrong. Try visiting one, share nothing about your health, and see if they can accurately identify known issues. If they succeed, consider their insights; if not, you lose nothing but time. The risk-reward balance is worth it, as you might discover health concerns earlier than conventional medicine can detect. I highly recommend Patrice in France.

Incorporating all these secrets will make you live longer the question is will  you do it?

We don’t truly know how long a healthy person can live. I’m writing this article, and even I can’t follow every recommendation, meaning I’m not perfectly healthy. How many people are truly healthy? It’s puzzling that only 15% of people are metabolically healthy, and 0% meet daily nutrient recommendations. Many are unaware of methods like grounding mats to reduce inflammation or healthier alternatives to alcohol. Why do only 25% exercise regularly, and why do 90% breathe incorrectly? Why don’t Americans practice meditation or yoga?

In the Bible, people lived up to 500 years old. They walked barefoot, reducing inflammation, experienced joy and relaxation, got plenty of sun, and engaged in regular physical activity. They meditated, prayed, and fasted, consumed nutrient-dense foods, and even used psychedelics like ergot. They unknowingly followed this article’s advice. It’s ironic that billionaires spend money seeking a fountain of youth through science when existing knowledge can help them live longer if they make the effort to incorporate it.

Craving the Fountain of Youth? You've found it! Embrace these tenants, and unlock eternal vitality!

Tenant Eleven: Get All the Sun You Can Get.

Sunlight provides vitamin D, increases serotonin levels, and supports melatonin maintenance for better sleep.

UVB phototherapy, a form of ultraviolet radiation, can eliminate skin cancer in controlled doses.

The misconception that sun exposure is always harmful must stop. Indeed, sudden exposure to intense sunlight for three hours after being indoors all year can damage skin and cause cancer. However, gradually increasing exposure up to three hours eliminates this risk.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, a prominent doctor challenging the mainstream view of sunlight, asserts that skin cancer is a non-issue, as it can be treated with hemp oil.

Tenant Twelve: Every Once in a While Trip Out on Psychedelics

Psychedelics, specifically psilocybin, are non-addictive and can aid in treating anxiety, depression, and addiction.

These substances promote neurogenesis, which can potentially enhance intelligence.

Owing to their neurogenic effects, psychedelics may help treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Concerned about legality? Consider Blue Lotus, a fully legal psychedelic alternative.


Tenant Thirteen: Meditation is the Fountain of Youth

The Relaxin-3 receptor, RXFP3, modulates age-related diseases. This receptor activates when you are relaxed.

Meditation is an excellent method for achieving relaxation.

Meditation boosts telomerase activity and telomere length, promoting longevity at the cellular level.

Dr. Gregg Brandon, a renowned public figure, highlights the Institute of HeartMath’s findings. Emotions like gratitude and appreciation induce relaxation in the brain.

He suggests heart meditation, incorporating positive emotions for enhanced relaxation.

Binaural beats can facilitate a meditative state, serving as a shortcut to effective meditation.

Astragalus has been shown to enhance telomerase activity.

Tenant Fourteen: Focus on your spiritual Health

If you struggle to feel positive emotions like gratitude during meditation, your spiritual health may need improvement.

Reiki, an energy healing technique, promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and alleviates anxiety through gentle touch. It’s more potent than a placebo and has treated physical issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tenant Fifteen: See Medical Intuitives

Did you know medical intuitives have a 94% accuracy rate in diagnosing health issues?

To avoid scams, many don’t charge if their diagnosis is incorrect.

Considering the risk-reward ratio, you could detect health issues earlier than traditional medicine. I recommend Patrice from France.

Applying these secrets can increase longevity, but will you commit? People must realize that we’re unsure how long a healthy person can live.

Why are only 15% metabolically healthy, and none receive daily recommended nutrients? Why is it unknown that grounding mats reduce inflammation during sleep? Why are toxins frequently entering our bodies through food, drink, and personal care? Why do only 25% consistently exercise? Why do 90% breathe incorrectly?

Why don’t Americans meditate or practice yoga? Why choose alcohol over alternatives? People may not grasp our potential lifespan. The Bible mentions individuals living up to 500 years, which could be plausible.

Walking barefoot reduced inflammation, while their connection to God brought joy and relaxation. They enjoyed ample sun, and daily work doubled as exercise, likely less stressful than modern jobs. Frequent meditation/prayer and fasting, nutrient-dense food from healthier soil, and absence of toxins contributed to well-being. Ancient Greeks used psychedelic ergot in wine, and energy healing like reiki was common.

They might not have realized it, but they were adhering to the principles outlined in this article perfectly.

Jimmy Peskar

Bachelors in Biology


Jimmy Peskar

Bachelors in Biology


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